Case Studies

A Major Hospital

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Organizational Issue: A large Midwestern hospital faced increasing competition and decreasing morale and retention. The hospital needed to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its staff as well as its overall profitability.

Solution: Perkins Williamson Associates conducted a thorough analysis of the factors impacting the competitiveness of the hospital. A number of organizational capabilities were identified to increase the likelihood of long-term success for the hospital.

Based on the required organizational capabilities, individual competencies were identified. A competency modeling study was conducted that identified the individual competencies and success factors for overall effectiveness, efficiency and productivity for over 100 jobs within the hospital. Jobs at all levels and in all functions and departments were examined.

Training was conducted to teach human resources to integrate competency models into their human resources and performance management systems.

Outcomes: Competency models are being used to attract, select, assess, develop, evaluate and compensate employees. These competency models relate directly to the success factors for the hospital. Employee satisfaction and hospital performance have improved as employees better understand what it takes to be successful and how to acquire the skills they lack.

A Global Automobile Company

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Organizational Issue: In a constantly changing, global environment, this company needed its senior executives to significantly change their inwardly-focused view of the competitive landscape; think globally; reduce their "silo-based thinking" and work cross-functionally; approach product development from the customer's perspective; lead change down throughout the organization; and execute effectively and efficiently.

Solution: Perkins Williamson Associates helped design, develop and implement an Action Learning program that used real business problems to help executives understand the key leverage points in the business; conduct an accurate diagnosis of a client organization; develop and implement a business solution that generated increased revenue or cost savings; improve global, cross-functional team skills; enhance leadership skills; improve ability to lead change throughout the company.

Outcomes: More than $1 billion was contributed to the bottom line of the company through revenue generation and/or cost savings, while at the same time improving the leadership skills of the top 30 executives.

A Consumer Research Company

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Organizational Issue: This company wanted to change its strategic direction to offer not only consumer research but consumer insights as well. This significantly changed the skills and abilities the organization needed for success.

Solution: Perkins Williamson Associates confirmed and clarified the change in strategic direction and the implications for each function within the company. We also identified the organizational capabilities and individual competencies (and variations) required in over 15 countries and regions around the world.

Outcomes: The company successfully implemented the new strategy by using competency models to assess and develop critical skills and abilities of employees around the world.

A Beverage Company

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Organizational Issue: This company's objective was simply to retain top performers in a highly-competitive environment.

Solution: Perkins Williamson Associates conducted a retention study to determine the underlying factors contributing to turnover and retention of key employees.

Outcomes: We helped the company successfully meet retention targets by identifying eight key factors that maximized retention and minimized turnover of high-performing employees; using a historical analysis in combination with current data to highlight key differences based on geography and other demographic factors; and recommending key policy changes to maximize retention.

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